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A Longing for Lightness

A Longing for Lightness
February 7, 2021 Mette Roedtnes mmm
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The days are finally getting just a little bit longer, and even though it’s still very much winter, spring will be here with all its’ light before we know it – more daylight, lighter clothes, lighter shoes and lighter colours.

We see clear signs of this longing for lightness on our webshop, where the Reed bag, the Sage and River pouches and the Cardholder in our beautiful, light beech brown are suddenly becoming increasingly popular.

I am totally with you on this, as I long for spring and lighter days myself. I can’t wait to stroll down the street in a light dress and sandals with my beech brown Reed bag over the shoulder. What will you be carrying, when spring comes and the world opens up again?


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