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About us


RODTNES was founded in the spring of 2012 by architect and designer Mette Rodtnes.

RODTNES creates exquisite leather goods from premium natural leathers. The brand’s design philosophy is rooted in the modern, nordic design tradition; functional, minimalistic and with careful attention to detail.

The RODTNES signature is the exquisite quality of materials and designs that suggest something new but made to last far beyond fast-trend fashion.


Mette Rodtnes is an experienced and award winning architect with an inherent passion for design, aesthetics and fashion.

Mette uses the design skills she developed though years of working as an architect. She now specifies the details of a stitching and fine-tunes the proportions of a pocket, but the the attention to detail, the understanding of proportions and the critical approach to quality is the same.

Mette constantly strives to merge the very different roles of a bag in the best possible way: the pragmatic role of being a functional container and the much more intangible role of being a style statement.

“A bag goes everywhere with you, it meets basic, daily functional needs, it offers experiences of visual beauty as well as sensouos experiences: a good leather bag smells great and is soft to the touch. Furthermore, a handbag is an ‘identity amplifier’. Whether a woman carries a canvas tote from an underground label in Berlin or a crocodile clutch from an exclusive French brand, it tells you something about her. You get a sense of who she is. Choosing a handbag that you like, is choosing a handbag that tells people who you are. For me, this is the most fascinating aspect of designing.”
Mette Rodtnes, Founder & Designer