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  • Feb262019

    We’ll be back – FOR YOU

    Our new RODTNES – FOR YOU concept has been received with great interest and amazing support, and we’re thrilled that…

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  • Dec282018


    RODTNES – FOR YOU is a new way of thinking. It’s Robin Hood fairness and ‘cut the middleman’ logic. And…

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  • Dec162018

    It’s the Final (Christmas) Countdown

    Sorry for the reference to a cheasy song by a Swedish rockband from the eighties. Bear with us. It’s almost Christmas. We…

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  • Mar072018

    The Loretta bag – an everyday hero

    When RODTNES was created, the first bag we launched was the Loretta bag – and to this day, it is a…

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  • Aug302017

    Re-thinking the Everyday Bag

    Let’s consider – for a pragmatic moment – what your everyday bag should do for you. Other than look really good, that…

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  • Jul102017

    Oh, the pretty things…

    …. you can find on sale, if you’re lucky. And you are! We still have a small selection of items…

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  • May092017

    Yes – Moms Should Be Celebrated!

    It’s Mothers day on Sunday, and to be completely honest, I have mixed feelings about this day. I’m a mother myself, and…

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  • Apr212017

    More small bags, please!

    Many of us are accustomed to toting our big everyday bag around wherever we go; to work, to a restaurant, when we…

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  • Dec232016

    Merry Christmas

    Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, all Christmas gifts have been sent from the webshop in time to go under the tree and we are…

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  • Dec072016

    The Drew Pouch

    The Drew Pouch is new in our collection, and it is such a usable item. We use it as a…

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