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  • Aug302021

    We have a problem…

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  • Feb072021

    A Longing for Lightness

    The days are finally getting just a little bit longer, and even though it’s still very much winter, spring will…

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  • Dec072020

    Christmas on Instagram

    We’re celebrating Christmas on Instagram by partnering up with 4 inspiring and talented brands, designers and artists to create 4…

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  • Jan052020

    ‘For My Cards’

    ‘For My Cards’ is a new addition to our small leather goods collection. It’s a simple and usable cardholder with…

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  • Dec302019

    The Reed bag

    We’re proud and happy to introduce the newest members of our RODTNES – FOR YOU collection, the Reed bag.  Reed…

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  • Dec282018


    RODTNES is a new way of thinking. It’s Robin Hood fairness and ‘cut the middleman’ logic. And it reduces the…

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  • Mar072018

    The Loretta bag – an everyday hero

    When RODTNES was created, the first bag we launched was the Loretta bag – and to this day, it is a…

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