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Re-thinking the Everyday Bag

Re-thinking the Everyday Bag
August 30, 2017 Mette Roedtnes mmm
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Let’s consider – for a pragmatic moment – what your everyday bag should do for you. Other than look really good, that is. Which is an obvious, but not so pragmatic, given fact. The everyday bag must be able to contain all the things you need on a normal day in a practical way – your laptop, wallet, glasses, notebook, make-up pouch, chocolate bar (you know I’m right), keys etc. Other than that, it must be easy to carry. It should be lightweight and provide a handsfree mode of carrying, which allows you to carry other things, such as groceries or a child. 

The new Buckle Tote is our newest take on the everyday bag. We have re-thougt the shopper tote style, created a slimmer profile and added a zipper to be able to close up the bag completely. The result is a simple but extremely usable bag. Its’ slim profile makes it fit perfectly under your arm, while the softness of the bag will still allow you to fit your laptop, pouches, books etc. in it. And with its’ weight of only 500 grams, the light-weight construction assures that you will never tote around more weight than absolutely necessary. 

We have launched the Buckle Tote in two colors, black and bright red. The bag is created in our thick, soft signature calfskin leather with natural structure, and is fitted with brushed gold hardware. The length of the handles is adjustable, so you can be sure that the bag will fit you perfectly – even when you put on your big winter coat.



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