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December 28, 2018 Mette Roedtnes mmm
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RODTNES – FOR YOU is a new way of thinking. It’s Robin Hood fairness and ‘cut the middleman’ logic. And it reduces the price of a RODTNES bag by 50%.

Every item in the RODTNES – FOR YOU collection is designed by Mette Rodtnes, it is created by the same craftsmen and manufactured in the same leather qualities as everything else we make. In other words: the products are exactly the same as all other RODTNES products.

However – there are two significant differences:

  1. RODTNES – FOR YOU will only be available on the RODTNES webshop
  2. The price of RODTNES – FOR YOU bags will be approximately 50% lower than if they were marketed traditionally.

A RODTNES – FOR YOU bag will never go on sale. The price we give you on RODTNES – FOR YOU is the best price we can offer. The price covers the costs that are absolutely necessary and nothing else. There is no murky overhead to cover sales, Black Friday campaigns, Single’s Day discounts or whatever else will be next. This is it. This is us being completely transparent, showing you what you pay for and promising you that this is the best we can do for you.

The incentive for this initiative is a talk we’ve been returning to over and over again for a long time. It’s a talk about prices. It’s a talk about what you pay for as a customer. And it’s a growing desire to bypass the structures that dictate the prices of our bags.

In a traditional structure, a RODTNES bag has to travel a long way, from our design studio to when you can finally put it on your arm. This journey is called a value chain, and each part of the chain adds costs to the bag. The chain looks like this:

This means that a bag that costs 272 euro to make ends up costing 680 euros in shops as well as on our own webshop (the shops require that we match their prices, which is completely understandable) That’s the way it is.

However, we’ve been looking at this chain and thinking: do all these parts of the chain really add value to the bag? And we concluded that no – they don’t. Some parts of the chain primarily add costs. Costs that you end up paying for. And we find it hugely frustrating that such a small part of what you pay for goes into the development of the bag, the materials and the craftsmanship – the rest is handling. And yes, in a physical shop you may be offered guidance by a competent shopkeeper, and you have the opportunity to touch the bag, try it on for size and the check the quality. But the shop also doubles the price of your bag.

It doesn’t make completely sense to us. And it doesn’t seem completely fair to you.

So, we’ve decided to act on this growing frustration. We’ve taken a brave leap and launched a small collection, where we have reduced the length of the traditional value chain. Which also means that we have reduced the price of the bags. Significantly.

We call this line of bags RODTNES – FOR YOU, and the value chain for the Robin Tote looks like this:

RODTNES – FOR YOU guarantees fairly priced, high-end designer bags and purses, crafted by skilled craftsmen under dignified working conditions in the best leathers qualities available. For you. From us.

Find our first RODTNES – FOR YOU items here.

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  1. Tim Frank Andersen 2 years ago

    Great idea Mette! This is excactly Why e-com makes so much sense in a lot of situations
    BR Tim

  2. Malene 2 years ago

    Sounds absolutely great. ! When can more styles and colours be expected ?

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