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Well Worn Nubuck

Well Worn Nubuck
April 10, 2016 Mette Roedtnes mmm
In Staff Picks

Many people worry that nubuck or suede won’t age well. And it is true: nubuck and suede does get worn and does age differently than regular leather. However, wear and ‘old age’ is not necessarily a bad thing for a bag. A well-worn bag can be even more beautiful and charming than a brand new and unused bag.

The bag in the pictures is an Avery laptop bag in nubuck, and it has been used as a schoolbag by a 16 year old highschool girl for more than a year. When it becomes stained she gives it a good brush, but other than that she allows the bag to become worn and shiny on the parts that touch her body and the surfaces of her surroundings. This can be seen on the back side of the bag, whereas the front has almost only been worn on the corners.

We think the bag looks great, and we think that the worn and shiny parts of the bag have added charisma and character to an already beautiful bag.