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Yes – Moms Should Be Celebrated!

Yes – Moms Should Be Celebrated!
May 9, 2017 Mette Roedtnes mmm
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It’s Mothers day on Sunday, and to be completely honest, I have mixed feelings about this day. I’m a mother myself, and I really don’t feel a need to be celebrated or rewarded for this. I actually find it quite silly. I love my children and I will do anything for them – because it’s what being a mom entails. It’s what you do. It’s how you feel. I don’t need special recognition for this. 

However, when I think about my own mom, I feel very different about Mother’s Day. And that’s because I’m a mother myself. I know how she feels about me – because she has the same feelings of love and willingness to sacrifice as I have for my own children. And that’s amazing! To think that there is a person in the world who feels like this about me. It makes me feel so lucky. 

And that’s why I like Mother’s Day – and Father’s day for that matter. Not because I want to be celebrated, but because it gives us all a chance to celebrate our own moms and dads. The people who love us in a way that no one else will ever love us. 

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Happy Mother’s Day to you all – mothers as well as sons and daughters!

With motherly love –


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